Earpad covers for Audiolyser® ADL20®

Biocompatible and single-use covers.

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What makes our earpad covers unique

Biocompatible, protects the headphones and prevents any risks of allergy.

Does not reduce measurement quality.

Pack of 100 single-use hygienic earpad covers.

All our headsets are delivered with a free box of earpad covers .

All medical devices parts in contact with skin must be biocompatible.

Single-use Earpad Covers Features

  • Protects earpad service life
  • Hygienic, single-use
  • Does not reduce measurement quality
  • Complies with regulations, biocompatible
  • Adaptable on a wide range of headphones (other sizes available)
  • Size: 11 cm diameter
  • It is compulsory to wear earpad covers

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