CO Tester, measures carbon
monoxide in exhaled air.

Your ally for support
and monitoring of smoking cessation.

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What makes the Tabataba® unique

User-friendly, ready to go.

Raises awareness for active and passive smoking cessation.

Calculates foetal carbon monoxide intoxication level.

One cigarette less equals 11 minutes more life

Tabataba® others strenghts

  • User-friendly, ready to go
  • Measure carbon monoxide in exhaled air
  • Measurements made in seconds
  • Support for smoking cessation
  • Foetal intoxication level
  • Green to red LEDs make for easy interpretation
  • Support for smoking cessation, a real awareness trigger, adjustment of treatment if required
  • Compact single-use consumables


  • CO measurement range: 0 to 500 ppm
  • Measurement tolerance: +/- 3 ppm
  • Rates displayed : ppm, %HBCO et %HBCO fœtal
  • Sensor service life: 2 years
  • Manufacturer warranty: 1 year
  • CE (0459) marking, medical class Im
  • This device is intended for healthcare professionals

What our customers are saying

Occupational Health doctors, nurses, associations (cancer leagues etc.), maternity wards, midwives, school health, health examination centres, lung specialists, allergists, oncologists, general practitioners, pharmacies, insurance companies and any other profession involved in prevention.







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