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How do I return a device for after-sales service?

Firstly, please have the serial number of your device(s) ready.

This number is located on the labels affixed to our devices, preceded by “SN”:

  • Visiolite® : on the back of the device; under the base for the Visioclick®.
  • Audiolyser® ADL20® : at the back of the patient response button
  • Spirolyser® Q13® : on the handle
  • Tabataba® : on the back of the device


You can then contact usHEREor by phone on 04 72 34 89 89.

We’ll ask you to provide us with the serial number(s) as well as the reason for returning the device: maintenance-adjustment? breakdown?

For breakdowns, we’ll put you in contact with a technician to determine whether we can solve the problem remotely.


Once the serial number(s) and the reason for return are known, we’ll send you a quote.


If you are in agreement, return to us for validation:

  • Signed quote if you are an Occupational Health service or an association
  • Order form if you are an Occupational Health professional from a private organization (health insurance company, private company, social security organization, hospital, etc.)
  • Payment upon order if you are a distributor or an export customer


Upon receipt of your validation, we’ll send you an RMA slip to attach to your package, allowing us to identify your device(s) upon receipt and process as a priority.

If you have taken out a maintenance contract, this slip is sent to you directly, no quote validation is required.

Once the RMA is attached to your package, you can ship it to us: FIM Medical – 51, rue Antoine Primat – CS60194 – 69625 Villeurbanne cedex.

After expertise, if a part or several parts not covered by the service package need replacing, we’ll send you an extra quote but will not replace anything until we have received your agreement by return of a signed quote/receipt of an updated purchase order.